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Study FAQs

What is TechnoTeens?

TechnoTeens is a research study designed to better understand the ways in which teenage girls use different types of media and internet. This will help us recognize patterns of media use and how much teens utilize media and social networking in their daily lives.

Who is eligible to participate?

Teen girls ages 12 to 15 who are developmentally on track without a significant reading disability may be eligible to participate. A caregiver must be willing to participate and English must be the first language used in your home.

Do I need my parent’s permission?

Yes, parent’s permission is mandatory. One parent will also be asked to participate.

What is involved in this study? What do I have to do to participate?

Participation will include three annual study visits broken up into two sessions. In between session 1 and session 2, you will be given a laptop to use at home. There will also be a few follow-up phone calls in between the yearly visits.

What happens during a study visit?

During a study visit you will be asked questions having to do with physical, emotional, and psychological well-being, interests, relationships with friends and parents, and patterns of internet and social media use. Your caregiver will also fill out a couple questionnaires in a separate room. Altogether, this will take about 2 hours.

What if I don’t want to answer all of the questions?

You may feel uncomfortable answering some of the questions, and you don't have to answer them all if you don't want to. We don't foresee any problems, but if at any time you feel uncomfortable, just let your interviewer know and you can stop. Your participation in this study is completely voluntary, and if you decide to take part in the research study, you are free to withdraw at any time.

What do I get out of it?

There are not direct benefits, but the information learned from the study may benefit other teen girls in the future. Participants will also be compensated for their time.

Who is funding the study? Who is directing the study?

The study is sponsored by the National Institutes of Health. The study is directed by Dr. Jennie Noll, the researcher, at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

How many girls are recruited for the study?

About 400 girls will be recruited for our study.

What if I don’t want anyone to know what I’m answering during the study?

Your name will not be used on any of the questionnaires, but instead we will use a number. We abide by the utmost standards of confidentiality to ensure the anonymity of our participants. Your answers will not be shared, not even with your caregiver.

How can I contact you if I have a question?

Researchers are available to answer any of your questions about the study at any time. Dr. Noll’s research staff can be reached by e-mail at, by phone at 513-803-0313, or send us a message on our facebook page