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Green Beauty Guide

Live a natural lifestyle using these tools for beauty,
hair care, and nutrition.

Lush Cosmetic Products

Environmentally friendly cosmetics that are also amazing for your skin, hair and mind. No animal testing, completely vegetarian, minimal recycled/recyclable packaging and little to no preservatives.

Keep Cincinnati Beautiful

An affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, this organization focuses on creating change in our local environment through community involvement and education.

Your source for both local and national news as well as things to do around the city.

Google News

Find all the news you need here from science to business.

David Suzuki Foundation

News, tips, and blogs about being ‘greener”. Includes lots of environmentall friendly alternatives to cleaning solutions, transportation, and food. Log on to find out how you can do your part to save the environment.

Teen Health

Teen health offers information about different aspects of teen health, how to stay safe, and delicious recipes.

My Fitness Pal

Track your exercise and calorie intake to maintain a healthy lifestyle.